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crmCRM – and CRM databases – is possibly one of the most abused terms in the IT industry and has been used to describe so much software. The first thing to note is that CRM software is not CRM itself – CRM is a policy and a practise and a whole culture; and in many ways, charities practising good donor management are already doing CRM! CRM software will not automatically implement CRM at your organisation.
For the purposes of this site, CRM Software is designated as systems/providers which provide more ‘generic’ database solutions which could be configured for the NFP sector, but would also sit just as easily in a commercial environment – as opposed to solutions more specifically aimed at the NFP sector such as Fundraising or Membership databases with their associated functionality. And if fundraising/membership software is what you want then although CRM systems may be able to provide this, there are many dedicated packages already doing so, so you should be considering both. CRM software can also be a good solution if you want an ‘organisation-wide’ database, but bear in mind that even some of the Fundraising or Membership software packages might also be an option depending on your precise needs.
When it comes to software there are hundreds of software packages and suppliers who purport to provide CRM. For the purposes of this web site, we have included two sections below on CRM: Packages which are generally recognised as offering solutions for the NFP sector, and Companies who do the same.

Companies generally recognised as offering solutions for the NFP industry
CompanyProductE-mail addressTel no.
Advantage Business SystemsMicrosoft Dynamics 3004 4600
AstadiaSalesforce & others0845 055 9758
BrightgenSalesforceinfo@brightgen.com01376 520578
Caltech IT LtdMicrosoft Dynamics 365 & 507280
CentrePoint SoftwareSage 7831 3050
CharityExpresswareMicrosoft Dynamics 827899
ChorusMicrosoft Dynamics 365hello@chorus.co01275 398 900 909 6967
CirquentMicrosoft Dynamics 365, Pivotal & others
ClarasysSalesforcedeliver@clarasys.com0203 287 4335 135990 220121
ConcentrixSage CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365 & 410500
Crimson ConsultantsMicrosoft Dynamics 094 2259 859100
ePartnersMicrosoft Dynamics 365020 7190 2848
ExcitationMicrosoft Dynamics 246 2400
FelineSoftMicrosoft Dynamics 365sales@felinesoft.com0845 658 6767
Gap ConsultingMicrosoft Dynamics 353 180
Generate EnterpriseSalesforceben@generatecic.org07980 835702
GiveclaritySalesforceinfo@giveclarity.org0203 056 1900
Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation 277 1020
Hyphen8Salesforceteam@hyphen8.com020 7608 5671
Imagine CreativitySalesforce, 8123 1401
MAST ICTSalesforcemartin.thompson@mast-ict.com01483 617224
m-hanceMicrosoft Dynamics 365marketing@m-hance.com0330 777 1950
MC3CiviCRM01484 844417 7843 4400
MyCRMMicrosoft Dynamics 365sales@mycrmgroup.com1983 245245
Northbridge 238605
Pragmatiq SolutionsMicrosoft Dynamics 038110
PreactMicrosoft Dynamics 381 1000
PythagorasMicrosoft Dynamics 365 & 519 000
QuantiqMicrosoft Dynamics 365 info@quantiq.com020 7451 1200
Real SystemsSalesforceinfo@broadwaysrealsystems.com020 3856 6007
SeelogicSageCRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365, 338657 8017 1688
The Sugar RefinerySugar CRMsales@thesugarrefinery.com0131 3000 434
Sysco SoftwareMicrosoft Dynamics 365smcgrattan@sysco-software.com028 9050 8550
Target IntegrationCiviCRM, 1 886 5684
Third Sector DesignCiviCRMmichaelmcandrew@thirdsectordesign.org07817 802299
Third Sector ITSalesforceinfo@thirdsectorit.org020 7022 2023
Touchstone GroupMicrosoft Dynamics 0345 424
TSGMicrosoft Dynamics 365info@tsg.com0845 1111 888
Veda Consulting 3239 1156
westbrook International
(Force for good)
Salesforceffg@wigroup.com01256 863300
Workbooks.comWorkbookssales@workbooks.com0118 3030 100
Packages which are generally recognised as offering solutions for the NFP industry
CiviCRMCiviCRMOpen-Source. See above table for partners, and the Service Providers directory on CiviCRM's own website
MicrosoftDynamics 365On-premise and SAAS solutions. Sell through partners/re-sellers (e.g. see the table above)
See also Microsoft's Dynamics 365 NonProfit Accelerator and their Fundraising and Engagement deployment.
NetSuiteNetSuiteSAAS solution
SageSage CRMOn-Premise and ASP solution. Sell thorugh partners/re-sellers (e.g. see the table above)
SalesforceSalesforceSAAS solution. Sell through partners/re-sellers (e.g. see the table above).
Ssee also: which includes a list of partners and Salesforce's NonProfit Success Pack
See also Fundraising software, Membership software

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