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IT For Charities web site is compiled and managed by myself, Ivan Wainewright, a charity CRM consultant and project manager, to give UK not-for-profit organisations free information on IT products, services and technology appropriate to UK charities. My main role is an independent CRM consultant and project/programme manager and I offer database & CRM consultancy and project management solely to charities, membership/professional organisations, arts organisations, universities/higher education and the not-for-profit sector.

CRM Software Consultancy

Procurement Consultancy and Selecting Software If you would like assistance on selecting Fundraising, Membership or CRM systems then I can help. I can help you analyse your needs, draw up requirements, identify vendors, manage selection and tender processes and see you through to implementation.
Project/Programme Manager for CRM Implementations Although project management would be at the core of this work, I believe my consultancy skills provide additional value so that I can offer something of a ‘Project Manager Plus’ service. Some years ago, the British Computer Society coined a phrase of ‘bridger’ for someone who understands and can communicate business knowledge and technical knowledge with equal clarity and to both parties, and I feel this is an apt description of my skills. I believe this is something which offers great value to charities. I am PRINCE2 certified.
Database Integration Reviewing organisations who have multiple databases, understanding their needs and discussing options as to whether database integration is a benefit for them; and assistance thereafter with any integration project.
Database Reviews/Streamlining I can help you review your databases and information requirements. Their usage and usefulness, reporting and analysis capabilities, packages vs bespoke systems, data exchange between systems, de-duplication of work/data, other possible users/areas of use, mailing lists, statistics, remote access and centralising databases.

From Procurement to Implementation

One of the ways in which I believe I can help charities most efficiently is by not just doing procurement consultancy and not just doing project management of an implementation. I can, if required, do the whole lifecycle, from the very initial stages of requirements gathering, through tendering and database selection and then on to being the project manager for the implementation until you go-live.
It means that all the knowledge and experience I gain of your organisation and their needs and people is not ‘thrown away’ after, say, the procurement phase; and instead I can take this information and use it to help you implement the actual database by being your project manager.

My Blog

If you would like to read more of my thoughts on CRM procurement and implementation, then please do read my blog. That should give you a good understanding of what I believe helps make CRM implementations successful (or not!).

Personal Background

I have been working in information technology (IT) for over 25 years in consultancy, customer support, training and sales. I have been working with the not-for-profit sector since 1994 (initially for a supplier of fundraising software) and I set-up my consultancy business in 1998. I now offer database/IT advice and consultancy solely to charities, the not-for-profit sector and membership organisations/professional bodies.
My time originally spent working for a software supplier, and then the time since where I now work with charities, has meant I am fortunate to have gained a perspective on charity databases, working from both sides of the fence (and in some ways almost as a ‘poacher turned gamekeeper’). It has certainly helped me and my clients when working closely with database suppliers as I am able to understand both organisations’ wishes and positions.
Prior to working with the not-for-profit sector, I worked in several software houses and network suppliers with various applications over a range of industry sectors.

My Contact Details

Charity CRM Consultant
If you are a company or organisation who would like to included in the listings on this site, then please send me an email with your details; I am able to respond to emails better than phone messages as I ultimately need your contact details in writing anyway. Please bear in mind that the site primarily lists software, hardware and services which are specifically oriented towards the NFP sector and not for more ‘generic’ IT supplies where there are many other websites/listings which manage those. As such, it is highly beneficial if you do have specific information on your website about the product or service which you are supplying to charities so that my visitors can see this clearly when they click through to your site.
(Please note: If you have PCs you want to recycle then I don’t offer such a service myself; visit our Recycled PCs page to locate organisations who do)


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