Free Gift Aid Calculators

These web-enabled forms are designed to help you show visitors to your web site what affect Gift Aid has on their donations. They are written in Javascript and are free for you to download and incorporate onto your web site. Please feel free to adjust them, change the colours and change the code as you would like to fit in with your site, although we would appreciate it if you could leave the “Designed by IT For Charities” link somewhere on the form. If you have any comments or suggestions then please send us an e-mail.
There are two forms you can use:

  1. A simple form which just shows by how much Gift Aid increases a donation.
  2. The same basic form but with additional functionality to show higher tax payers (i.e. those paying 40%) by how much they can reclaim higher tax relief.

The forms are written in JavaScript (which means it will run on any computer) but, importantly, you do not need to understand any JavaScript to use them. You just need to be able to edit the HTML which makes up your web pages.
To see how they work, and to download the JavaScript, click on either of the two links below:

Installing the Gift Aid Calculator on a WordPress site

I have created an example of how you can do this on this page: Installing a Gift Aid Calculator on WordPress – but please note that this is just an example and unfortunately I cannot offer specific WordPress support on this. But if you know WordPress then you should be fine.

Are you looking for software to help you manage and claim Gift Aid? If so, visit our Gift Aid Management Software page.

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