Address Management/PAF software

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address managementAddress Validation software and PAF (Postcode Address File) Software enables you to keep complete address information on your database, both on the desktop and online. The software will also allow you to type in part of an address, a post code for example, and the system will then fill in as much of the remainder of the address as can be gleaned from that post code. With some packages you can also find out more information about each postcode location such as its NHS area, its local MP and much more.

Company Product(s) Product Type(s) E-mail address Tel no.
AddressWizard Address Wizard PAF software – web software 0118 9310361
AFD Software PostCode/Plus, Postcode Everywhere, Postcode Internet; Refiner PAF software – Desktop and web software; Address list cleaning tool 01624 811711
Aligned Assets AddressBase & associated products PAF software & associated services 01483 717 950
Allies Computing PostCoder PAF software, online PAF API, address data cleansing, PAF data extracts 01508 494488
CACI AnaBase PAF software 02476 846846
Capscan Matchcode, Matchcode Webnet; On-Demand Addressing Service PAF software – Desktop and web software; Online, on-demand web cleaning service 020 7428 1255
Cyclops Software PostcodeSoftware PAF software for desktops 0845 8382666 ClickToAddress PAF software – web software 01628 201254
Data8 Postcode Lookup PAF software and Web Service API 0151 355 4555
DQ Global Authentic8 PAF software, suppression and enhancement data 01329 227505
GB Group GB Accelerator PAF software – Desktop and web software, other data enhancement services 01244 657333
Global Address Global Address PAF software, Batch cleaning 0117 915 4018
helpIT Systems AddressIT PAF software 01372 360070
Hopewiser Atlas Suite PAF software, Batch cleaning 0161 980 6001
Ideal Postcodes UK Postcode & Address Lookup PAF software API 0845 862 0898
Kronus Software PostCoding PAF software
Lexel Postcode Address Finder PAF software 01273 929310
Microsoft (UK) MapPoint Mapping software
Mosaic Software PostcodeIT PAF software 01355 272641
Postcode Anywhere Postcode Anywhere PAF software – web software 0870 241 3310
QAS Systems QuickAddress; Intact PAF software, Data cleansing, Data enhancement; Online, on-demand web cleaning service 020 7498 7777
Satori Software Mailroom Toolkit; Bulk Mailer 5 PAF software – Desktop and web software; Mail List Management software 020 7831 3900
Simply Postcode Software Simple Postcode Lookup PAF software – Desktop and web software 01945 464854
The Software Bureau Cygnus & Swift Suite PAF, Data Enhancement, Suppression & Postal Sortation software 0870 735 1302
T2A API for finding UK people, addresses and telephone numbers PAF software API 01904 567765
Westwood Forster Streetwise Addressing PAF software 020 3189 4100