Online Campaigning Software & Advocacy Software

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waves in globeThese products and services enable charities to implement online campaigning and advocacy, from basic constituent management and email management through to fundraising, petitions, event management, social media tools and more.

CompanyProducts/ServicesE-mail addressTel no.
Blue State DigitalSuite of digital applications that form a platform for organizing, engaging, and activating online020 7078 1990
CiviCRMCiviCampaign and CiviPetition are part of the open source CiviCRM suite
Engaging NetworksIntegrated tools for advocacy, fundraising, email communication, and community growth0207 836 7667
LouderRange of online activist tools enables you to create and run your own campaigns and connect with others
Organic CampaigniPARL: Email campaigning & petition toolsinfo@organiccampaigns.com0845 468 0525
MoodiaCampaignManager: designed for think tanks and pressure groupsinfo@moodia.com020 7770 6038
Political WizardCampaigning, Monitoring, Press Releases & 7091 7646
ThunderclapCrowdspeaking platform for engaging/broadcasting through social media
WriteToThemUseful for contacting individual MPs, Councillors et al - and it's free!