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Mon, Nov 24, 2014
Albert Einstein painted portrait _DDC9387

It’s a sad fact that so many fundraising/CRM database implementations fail or are not nearly as successful as we hoped. And although there are various potential reasons for this which are central to many of my blog posts, we can also look at this problem in another way – if you have experienced a failed project at your organisation in the past, then ask yourself this: If we are about to launch a brand new CRM procurement and implementation project, what makes us think it will be different this time?If this strikes a chord with you and you want to […]

Source: Databases For Charities blog

Mon, Nov 17, 2014

There are some incredibly good end-user oriented data analysis software systems these days. Really user-friendly, lots of great graphical drag-and-drop functionality and one can get all sorts of analysis from them. Even the new CRM systems provide decent user-oriented tools which can be learned by non-technical staff in a comparatively short amount of time.But herein lies the rub: if we make it so easy for end-users to be able to use what is actually quite sophisticated software, then how do we know they are using it correctly? Or more to the point: how do we know they are getting the […]

Source: Databases For Charities blog

Mon, Nov 03, 2014

Traditionally, when moving from one fundraising database to a new one, charities tend to migrate all their old data across – or very nearly all. Sometimes, small sub-sets of old or truly unneeded data may be left behind, but in the main, every single donation, communication, appeal record etc and every entity and every field is transferred as is to the new database. Why? Well, understandably, fundraisers and marketing staff are worried about losing granularity of historic data, of not being able to do true and useful RFV calculations or similar analysis on summary fields, of not being able to […]

Source: Databases For Charities blog

Mon, Oct 27, 2014

The IoF/CFG recently published a new report, “A practical guide to selecting and using online giving platforms” and I was pleased to see that the data collected from such platforms and, to a degree, the integration with your fundraising/CRM databases was acknowledged as a factor. However, I think such integration is sometimes promoted as being easier than it really is; and sadly, integrating or importing said data into your own fundraising database is often much more awkward, time consuming and costly than charities realise.There are therefore a number of things I think you should consider if you do want to […]

Source: Databases For Charities blog

Tue, Oct 14, 2014
crystal ball

Last week, Blackbaud announced details of Raiser’s Edge NXT. In the first part of this blog, I gave the facts of what I currently understand NXT to be. In this second part, I will say a bit more about what I personally think of the system and the implications for current RE7 users/potential new NXT users. As such, I should add a great big caveat at the start which is that this is my own personal opinion and so you can blame me for anything I am ultimately wrong about (or, hopefully, right!), but I hope that this post is […]

Source: Databases For Charities blog

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