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Tue, Feb 10, 2015
I have just published a new, free ebook: What Small Charities Need to Know about CRM Systems. Buying a new CRM system or fundraising database can be a daunting experience for any NFP organisation, let alone a small charity. And although I publish a lot of information on this blog which I hope is useful for all charities, there are some points which I think smaller organisations need to particularly be aware of or specifically consider. So I have brought these issues together into a new, free ebook.Which in some ways was quite difficult! Because when I read back [...]
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Tue, Feb 03, 2015
ready (or not)
So often during procurements and marketing pitches, the undoubted benefits of CRM systems are laid out by suppliers for charities. This is understandable and correct - why shouldn't charities know what they could be achieving and the benefits of such platforms. However, I sometimes wonder if most charities, or even some are really ready to take full advantage of such technology. I don't mean from a fundamental or standard operational angle, clearly those systems have every chance of giving charities what they want for the start of any such project. But how many organisations have the people, the time, the [...]
Source: Databases For Charities blog
Tue, Jan 27, 2015
Holistic Data Management
With the proliferation of the newer, generic CRM systems into the NFP marketplace (i.e. Salesforce, Microsoft CRM etc), it can be easy for a smaller charity who has never before had the opportunity to use such powerful systems to believe that such systems are so easy to use that they won't even need a "database manager". Please don't believe that. You will need someone, whatever they are called, to manage the database/data to some extent, no matter what size you are.Just because you are going to run the new database through your browser - which may indeed make it more [...]
Source: Databases For Charities blog
Tue, Jan 20, 2015
I have just published this new book: a collection of 102 tips for charities who want to buy a new fundraising database or CRM system. It is compiled from a number of articles I have published on my blog plus a series of brand new tips and in-depth analysis and advice.It is written for people whose day job is not the procurement of new databases - and you do not have to be technical to understand it. It is for fundraising managers, fundraisers, database managers, charity IT staff, those working in supporter services and indeed for anyone who has been [...]
Source: Databases For Charities blog
Mon, Jan 19, 2015
An interesting challenge is arising on CRM platforms. With more and more companies producing 'templates' for fundraising and membership solutions on the same platforms (mostly Dynamics and Salesforce), I am finding that I see quite similar looking software from different suppliers. Which leads me to ask myself: if the platforms are that good and are right for my clients, and the software is starting to blur into the same sort of solution, then how do I distinguish between the different offerings?First, it's about the supplier What this shows straight away is the importance and significance of the supplier themselves. i.e. [...]
Source: Databases For Charities blog

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